Meal times are the best ones always, be it a breakfast or dinner. That’s the time when the family union happens and the most cherished part of the day evolves. Breakfast and dinner are the most important meals of the day, all over the globe.

To serve your family food with love, you really need to invest money on certain key things. The basic being the dining table that makes everyone comfortable and prepared for the meal and then few of the kitchen gadgets to actually prepare food. Well, we shall talk about the dining table that serves the family- the heart of the home. That cosy and comfortable seating Customer reviews show you how good Danetti is! which adds an element to your home!

Choosing the right dining set is very important. If they aren’t proper, chances are that the mood of the whole meal is spoiled. What if the chair is too tall and the table short, one has to lean on the table to eat? What if the chair is weak and falls down or if the table crashes?
These are just a few of the instances we could quote and please be frank to yourself if you would like to encounter any of the situations!

Definitely, none of us wants such horrible encounters! Apart from only eating, the table can be used to set up a small exhibition for your child with all their collectable, at home. Your child can actually do their homework there, and you can sit to do your kitchen pre-cooking chores.
The dining table has many uses apart our regular eating.

Let’s see the factors in choosing the table:


Mostly all the dining spaces are rectangular in symmetry. Choosing a table, that’s fits in the shape of the space, is recommended and the rectangular table fits the bill. It fits into the available space perfectly, without any constraints.
There isn’t anything wrong with round and oval tables though. They are perfect too, to fit a smaller space or even a larger one. They are good for a compact family. If the number exceeds 6, then they become a little congested.


The size of the table depends on the size of the place that you have. Having said that, you can’t completely squeeze space out, without having space to move the chairs around! While selecting one to fit and squeeze in the required place, be sure to check out for their heights, because few models that are small and neat are long in the height. Then as we said, you may have to lean on the table and eat. Regular models come in the standard height, while others of vintage models or small and compact ones are raised in height to match the standard size and to look good.


Most of don’t and won’t change the dining tables often. Right? It isn’t possible too! So, to stand the test of time, you can always go for hard and solid wood. This has been tall and neat since ages. Don’t worry about the maintenance and designs, good wood comes in great designs and requires the least amount of work. If you are looking for something within budget, then you can opt for engineered timber.

Glass top tables are always a hit in small families and small dining areas. They even add elegance to a home, but they don’t serve for larger families. Durability is in question with this material; they tend to get scratched over the use and lead to looking dull.

Next, you have marble and granite top tables in the list. They are extremely cool, add a touch of royalty to your home, while being pretty moderately easy to maintain. But, the weight is incomparable.


Now let’s talk about the most happening part of the table, the style factor. Gone are the days that dining table had 4 legs, with a top and 4 or 6 chairs. Now they add elegance and design factor to the spaces they occupy and hence there are hundreds of designs and styles in them. Few to mention are:

  • Traditional
  • Contemporary
  • Modern art
  • Antique or vintage
  • Dining benches
  • Trendy ones

Well, there are much more intricate designs in the above-mentioned columns of tables; they offer a wide variety of choices to choose from. The whole dining shopping experience can be summed up in few words, awesome experience building up the centrepiece of the family. That’s the kind of options available.